Submitter:Estela Ene

Additional (1):Assistant Professor in the English Department, Director of the English for Academic Purposes Program

CTL Funding Level:$5,000.00Title:Enhancing International Student Preparedness, Enrollment and Retention at IUPUI through Online English for Academic Purposes Coursework

Abstract:As a result of the 2009 Memorandum of Strategic Alliance (MSA) that Chancellor Bantz signed with Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU, China), five schools and multiple departments at IUPUI are working with SYSU to develop dual degree programs in which SYSU students will come to IUPUI their junior year and graduate with degrees from both universities. At least 30-40 international students enrolled in multiple schools are expected to attend IUPUI each year. A main mission of IUPUI’s English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program is to ensure that international students have the necessary English language skills to attend advanced IUPUI courses by offering a placement test and a portfolio of EAP classes. Many dual degree programs expect their students to be ready to attend the campus-required writing course ENG W131 (Elementary Composition I) and advanced courses upon arrival at IUPUI. Following the EAP placement test, a percentage of international students need to first enroll in ENG W001 (Fundamentals of English) and other EAP courses, delaying their enrollment in specialized classes and graduation. The goal of this project is to improve international students’ academic English writing skills by developing a new online version of W001 to be offered prior to U.S. arrival. Improving students’ chances to graduate on time will have positive consequences on enrollment, retention and international visibility. This online course will become an important part of the EAP Program curriculum in support of other agreements that schools and departments at IUPUI are developing with international institutions to bring students to IUPUI.