Debra Denslaw, PI
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Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis Library Faculty – Associate Director Miriam Murphy, Debra Denslaw, Catherine Lemmer and Steve Miller
Legal Research Online Course
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Based upon the need for law students to acquire stronger research skills, the Academic Affairs Committee of the Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis recently approved a librarian-initiated proposal for a mandatory, online, 13-week legal research course. This course will be taught first in the fall semester of 2010 by a team of tenured and tenure-track law librarians. To engage students and accommodate different learning styles, law librarians already are experimenting with instructional technology, in-class exercises, and online quizzes. For this course, innovative materials will be developed that can effectively provide problem-based and experiential learning. They must be interactive course materials that will engage law students and foster both independent and group learning. Throughout the 13-week course, the materials will challenge students to develop their research and legal analysis skills.