Part 2: Collaboration and Creativity

This is the second of two workshops on thinking about and using IU-provided cloud services, including IUanyWare and IU Box. The focus will be on uses in instruction and facilitating student learning. In this session, we will focus more on the how IU Box (specifically) can be used to support and even promote group-based activity and collaboration.

Relevant for face-to-face and online instructional settings alike, these sessions will explore how we can use the tools that we have to provide students and those we serve with the best experience and increase student learning as possible.

A Teaching & Learning Focused Workshop

When talking about these tools, how to use them and how they work will be a part of this discussion, but our primary focus will be on how we can use and employ them in our courses and help increase student engagement, facilitate good teaching and learning activities, and even make possible activities in online courses that in the past required a computer lab.

If you are interested in learning more about the tool specifically, we have provided some links to the left, and IT Training also provides information on the nuts-and-bolts. Also, I and any of the IT consultants in the CTL are happy to work with you one-on-one with both issues related to using the tool and using in in the context of your teaching.