2015 Early Career Teaching Academy Selected

Congratulations to the nine new faculty members were chosen as the 2015 cohort of the Early Career Teaching Academy:

Sula Hood, Fairbanks School of Public Health

Yongzhu Fu, School of Engineering and Technology

Cali Curley, School of Public and Environmental Affairs

Hongbo Liu, School of Engineering and Technology

Le Luo, School of Science

Peggy McLaughlin, School of Nursing

Debbie Judge, School of Nursing

Angela Opsahl, School of Nursing

Sharron Crowder, School of Nursing

About the Academy:
Most new tenure-track faculty at large public universities enter the professoriate with training and support to conduct research, but few also enter with equivalent preparation and support for their teaching. The Early Career Teaching Academy provides the setting within which faculty members create and develop a powerful teaching career, one that is rooted in evidence-based active learning strategies and high-impact educational practices, and designed to facilitate student success. Faculty who become Early Career Teaching Fellows will be in a position to play a leading role in efforts to develop a culture of expert teaching within departments and schools at IUPUI, to document and promote their teaching successes, and to serve as effective teaching mentors for future faculty. The Academy fosters and supports a multi-disciplinary network of Early Career Teaching Fellows that promotes excellent teaching and rich student learning. 

The academy convened in two intensive sessions, a full-day on February 6th and a half day on February 13th, both Fridays. These sessions focused on the effective development and assessment of active learning teaching strategies suited to IUPUI’s diverse student body. By the second session, faculty were able to articulate the teaching strategies they plan to implement. Academy fellows will have an opportunity to participate in faculty learning communities and teaching-related events over the course of the next year.

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