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Enhancing Student Learning with eTexts via Digital Content - Call for Applications- Deadline Extended to Monday, June 18

In the spring 2012 semester a university-wide eText initiative was officially launched, with over 120 course sections and 5000+ students utilizing an eText via the Courseload online learning and collaboration tool. In many cases, use of an eText when compared to traditional printed textbooks resulted in a significant cost savings to the student.

This cost savings was, and is, an important issue. However, the Courseload platform also provides several features (text annotation, highlighting, consolidating/sharing of study notes) that enhance the teaching and learning process, and specifically helps to address the challenges set forth in the university-wide "Empowering People" IT strategic plan (http://ep.iu.edu).

IU should assess whether university and collaboratively owned (or contracted) infrastructure for scholarly communication could also provide a means for lower costs and better materials for the current role of traditional textbooks. If so, this resource should also be engaged to help mitigate the high costs of textbooks.

In conjunction with the stand alone use of Courseload, there is the potential to further engage students in their learning via the development and integration of additional digital content that can be linked from within Courseload. Such content might take a variety of forms, where a faculty member could:

• Write their own content (e.g., a study guide) of which they'd like to make accessible in digital format and in a specific context of an eText; in turn, a link could be established between this content and Oncourse, where additional learning materials might be stored and accessed during a specific point(s) in the course.
• Engage the expertise of library staff to help research and consolidate existing digital materials (e.g., journals available through the university library) that are used on a regular basis in the curriculum. Links to such items can be provided in Oncourse.
• Develop a multimedia supplement that could be linked from a specific point(s) within an eText. Such multimedia content might consist of, for example, a podcast of a classroom lecture that might be stored in another tool/application but which in turn is also linked to Oncourse.

The use of eTexts is a critical teaching and learning initiative, not just at Indiana University but at institutions across the country (and the world). To that end, we invite applications from faculty interested in the use of eText and digital content to enhance student learning.

Why should I apply?
Twenty applicants will be accepted, with each applicant receiving a $1000 stipend for time and development of materials. A total of twenty proposals spanning both IUB and IUPUI will be accepted for this program.

Who may apply?
Any full-time faculty and/or lecturer on the IUB or IUPUI campus, who has previously utilized some type of eText in the past, or is now interested in utilizing an eText in their course(s).

Responsibilities of accepted applicants:
It is expected that each accepted applicant will develop his or her materials for implementation in their course(s) at some point before the end of the 2012-2013 academic year. Additionally, each accepted applicant will commit to providing regular updates on their progress to their campus teaching center. It is also hoped that accepted applicants will strive to publish findings of their work in a journal respective to their specific disciplines, and/or a more general outlet (e.g., educause) that could speak to their work, especially in regard to its impact on student learning.

NOTE: In order to further encourage the licensing of open content, any new material that is generated by program participants will be governed by a Creative Commons license that allows for open distribution of said material. For more information on these licenses, please see http://creativecommons.org/licenses/

Important Dates
• June 18, 2012 @ 5:00 PM EDT: Deadline for submission of applications  (extended)
• June 27, 2012: Successful applicants notified
• July 2, 2012: Individual stipend amounts distributed to participating faculty


IU Expands eTexts Initiative with Pearson

Indiana University and Pearson are working together to reduce the costs of digital textbooks for students on all IU campuses. IU's eTexts initiative enables faculty to optionally choose these digital textbooks and online exercises at reduced prices for students.

IU faculty can now choose digital texts from Flat World Knowledge, Harvard Business School Publishing, IU Press, MacMillan, McGraw Hill, Pearson, W.W. Norton, and Wiley -- with other publishers to come.

For more on IU's eTexts initiative, frequently asked questions, and details on signups for summer and fall semesters, visit here  or etexts.iu.edu.


Meeting the NSF Data Management Plan Requirement: What You Need to Know

Wednesday, June 13 | 1 - 2:30 p.m. | UL 1126
Register »   | Organizer: Center for Research and Learning

As of January 18, 2011, the National Science Foundation now requires a Data Management Plan for all new proposals. This plan should describe how the proposed study will disseminate and share the collected research results. Do you know what this plan should include? Are you aware of best practices and standards for data management, sharing, and curation? Do you know what support services are available at IUPUI? This workshop will outline the process of developing a data management plan, provide resources for DMP development, and introduce data services available on campus. Q&A will follow the presentation. Anyone interested in or planning to apply for NSF funding should attend.

In addition to these workshops, the Data Services Program provides individual consultations in developing and implementing data management plans. Researchers interested in these services can contact us at (317) 278-7125  or dataserv@iupui.edu.  Additionally, we have a wealth of information and resources available on our website:http://ulib.iupui.edu/digitalscholarship/dataservices.


Project-Based Learning Institute

June 25-28, 2012
Register and for more information»   | Sponsors: IUPUI, University of Indianapolis and Wayne Township School District

The annual Project-Based Learning Institute prepares educators for implementing PBL by immersing them in an authentic PBL environment. Over the course of four days, educators from across the state work together in small content-area groups to develop a project for their classroom. The Institute offers programming for novice, intermediate, and advanced PBL practitioners and administrators in grades K through 16.

The PBL Institute models project-based learning for teachers just as it should be implemented with students. At the outset of the event, participants receive an entry document and learn the vocabulary of PBL. Educators have the opportunity to see and critique successful projects. In small groups, facilitators guide participants through the PBL process as they create projects for their classrooms. Throughout the event, participants can choose to attend workshops and mini-lessons to increase their PBL skills. Workshops cover topics like differentiation, technology, and integrating state academic standards. Media specialists staff the library to provide additional support through research and idea generation. At the conclusion of the event, participants present their projects to other educators to gain authentic feedback.


IU Kokomo Statewide Faculty Conference 2012

Friday, September 7, 2012 | 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
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Program overview»

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (CTLA) is pleased to present our fourth IU Kokomo Faculty Conference this fall.  Resident and Adjunct Indiana University Faculty will share their innovative teaching ideas for promoting student learning and engagement in their classes. This event presents and celebrates some of the important work in teaching that IU faculty members are engaged in. Registration is open for the fall IU Kokomo Faculty Conference! Hear about the examples of academic excellence used by Indiana University faculty from multiple campuses. Registration deadline is Monday, August 27 at noon.

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